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Please Note: The usage requests and usage terms and conditions have been placed on this pape for internal reference purposes only, in order to assist the devellopment team with the creation and assembly of content and locations for Nations of Orion. Any 3rd party use of the information published here - especially of the contact information - for data mining, distribution, establishing contact or other uses is strictly prohibited.

Betreff: Re: [Message123] Non-personal use of your free models
Von: <Sol Command>
Datum: 31.10.2011 16:34:14

Hello Mirco,

I am sorry for the late response but I have been away for a few months. About your question - feel free to use, as you wish, any of my available models for your project. If there's anything else I can help you with let me know.


From: „“
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2011 3:59 PM
Subject: [Message123] Non-personal use of your free models
Name Mirco
Subject Non-personal use of your free models

Hi solcommand

right now while typing I got the strange impression I already used your contact form before (kind of like a deja vu). Well, may be not, as I honestly cannot remember.

For quite a few years I have been writing on my own RPG with a sci fi setting. Nowadays with family and such my spare time to model every single object I possibly want to use is decreasing. But the ideas keep coming.

I am planning to do a non-commercial Vega Strike Mod (currently called RiftRoamers - Nations of Orion) and wonder if it was okay to use some of your models (mainly the junker trade lane and its derelict variant, as well as the odd asteroid station) for this venture. Proper credit of course granted.

If the thing gets popular one of these days, I am prepared to donate of course, but right now I do this on a (zero :-) budget. Well it's the planning stage anyway.

I'd apreciate any feedback. My apologies if I already asked this before.

Cheers, Mirco

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