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Proud to be the 326th backer on @BackerKit for Mindjammer - The Roleplaying ...

Main WebSite re-launched. All content from old site will be available there soon. Have fun!11/5/2013

Updated content on "RiftRoamers: Nations of Orion" . As currently other projects are more pressing, no dev-progress for now.6/12/2012

Nations of Orion - MMO Server sucessfully compiled on our tiny GuruPlug Server Plus. Due to NAT errors however it's currently inaccessible.10/23/2011

RiftRoamers - Nations of Orion: Next step is a working copy of vegaogre (

» @riftroamer

Renderosity Assets

  • 2009 Carrier & Dropship
  • Allied Fleet G34 Research Station
  • Allied Fleets Base Components
  • Cargo
  • CARRYALL_89413
  • DUNE-FIGHTER1_88731
  • HEAVY-BOMBER_89414
  • Light Cargo
  • MOON-LUGGER_84097
  • MOON-ROVER_82873
  • MOON-TRUCK_82872
  • RRdiner_77342
  • Ship pack 1

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