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[["graphics" section]]

head_lag [integer] - Head lag (in frames). When you turn, the cockpit is displayed as if you were overcoming the inertia of the turn. This value determines how much this 'overcoming' is in frames. Practically it affects how much the cockpit is shifted on-screen. 
10 (default) 

pan_on_auto [boolean] - Sets if there should be an camera switch + flyby on autopilot activation. FIXME No longer used? 
true (default) 

shake_speed \[float] - FIXME 
50 (default) 

shake_reduction [float] - Cockpit shake reduction amount. 
8 (default) 

shove_camera_down [float] - FIXME 
.3 (default) 

shield_texture [string/file] - Shield effect texture, expected to be in the textures directory. It is alpha blended, so blackness = transparency in-game. 
shield.bmp (default) 

reflectivity [float] - default reflection level, in range 0.0 - 1.0 (1.0 = very shiny) 
.2 (default) 

star_shine [string/file] - List of .ani files for a sun's flare effect separated by single spaces. 
shine.ani (default) 

num_messages [float] - Sets the maximum number of communication messages shown at the same time. 
2 (default) 

last_message_time [float] - Sets the minimum time (in seconds) that a message is shown before scrolled up. 
5 (default) 

camera_pan_speed [float, default:0.0001] - sets the speed of camera panning and yawing 
draw_arrow_to_target [boolean, default:true] - generally toggles the display of target arrow for all cameras 

draw_arrow_on_chasecam [boolean, default:true] - disables/enables target arrow display on chase camera (default key '5') 

draw_arrow_on_pancam [boolean, default:false] - disables/enables target arrow display on pan camera (default key '6') 

draw_arrow_on_pantgt [boolean, default:false] - disables/enables target arrow display on target camera (default key '8') 

draw_unit_on_chasecam [boolean, default:true] - disables/enables own vessel display on chase camera (default key '5') 

weapon_gamma [float] - affects all weapon effects' appearance, if >0. 
1.35 (default) 

StretchBolts [float] - If > 0, Bolts (only) will appear stretched to this fraction of the distance they traveled since the last calculation - i.e. if set to 1, a bolt's tail will be where its head was in the previous frame, its own Length being compensated for. 
0 (default) 

draw_weapons [boolean] [boolean] - Whether to draw mounts. 
false (default) 

high_quality_font_computer [boolean] - Which font type to use for base computer (font.cpp). 
true (default) - uses bitmap font 
false - uses stroke font 

high_quality_font [boolean] - Which font type to use for the HUD (hud.cpp). Standard setup depends on the video card choice. 
true - uses stroke font 
false (default) - uses bitmap font 

open_picker_categories [boolean] - Expands all categories in base computer. 
true - expands all categories by default. 
false (default) - does not expand the categories. 

show_stardate [boolean] - Shows star date in base computer and cargo manifest. 
true (default) - shows star date. 
false - does not show star date. 

[["graphics/hud" section]]


WC (default) - Display two radars in the bottom screen. The left one is the front radar, the right one is the rear radar. 

Elite - Display only one radar. Units are displayed with a dot and a vertical line. Units are projected on a horizontal plane (from your ship view). The dot is the position of the unit on that plane, and the height of the line is the height of the unit above/below that plane. Does not seem to work (on 3rd March 2004). 

.01 (default) - Minimum target box size. 

true (default) - Enable box display. Allow drawAllTargetBoxes, drawLineToTarget, drawLineToTargetsTarget, drawAlwaysITTS . 
false - Does not display any target box or docking box. 

true - Display every units in boxes (not planets, jumps). 
false (default) - Does not display units in boxes except the selected one. 

drawLineToTarget Supposed to draw a line between your ship and the selected target. Currently starts at the selected target's center and extends toward some fixed point. Allows drawLineToTargetsTarget. 
false (default) 

drawLineToTargetsTarget - Supposed to draw a line between your target and its target. Currently does the same as drawLineToTarget. 
false (default) 

drawLineToITTS Draw ITTS line. Currently stopped to work. 
false (default) - FIXME 

true - Force ITTS drawing. 
false (default) - FIXME 

DrawTheirRelationColor - Determines the box color of the selected target. 
true (default) - The box color corresponds to the target relation towards you. 
false - The box color corresponds to your relation towards the target. 

drawNavSymbol - Does not seem to work (on 7th March 2004). FIXME 
true - FIXME 
false (default) - FIXME 
text_background_alpha - Sets the opacity of text on the hud display 
value - any positive value between 0.0 (complete transparency) and 1.0 (no trasparency)
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